Bad Boyz! Bad Boyz! Whatcha Gonna Do?!


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! This post took me a log while to actually publish. This event has had 9 revisions, but was actually started January of this year. I am just getting the strength up and the courage to tell my story. I […]


Hey guys. I know its been a while, but I saw a lot of dancers making these videos and wanted to try to make one…so, Leggo! Leggo

Kid Specific


It’s been a while, but I had to share this one! We have all had a very hot summer, no different here on the East Coast. We buy cases of water just to keep the kids hydrated while out and about. PopPop went out and picked up two cases. So, Hara and Spike are hanging […]

How’d She Know Me So Well? 12 Zodiac Signs Acted Out With Scary Accuracy!

Sources: – Debra Silverman Check this out, don’t pass it by. Do you really know your Zodiac personality? Have a bit of fun here. Debra Silverman, psychotherapist and astrology professional acts out the 12 Zodiac signs with eery accuracy. She is so scary, I found myself getting a bit defensive when confronted with […]

Kra8yZee Bunch 30 Minute Red Beans and Rice

Red Beans and Rice! Delish

This Latino classic recipe gets a delicious boost of flavor if you use Spanish paprika (Pimenton de la Vera), it’s a very smoky flavor. Find it in the Hispanic food aisle. If not you can use a variation of spices. This is a stand alone dish, a side dish, or you can add different meat, […]

Bubba and Romeme Rock!

14 years apart and Friends til the end!

It’s just a quick aside today. I have to say that a bit of advice that my mom got from a close friend’s Mum was this on point. “Remember girls, you are mothers with duty and responsibility. You are not in charge of children, you are not raising little boys, you are raising sons that […]

Skip, Skip, Skip a Grade or Two


Last night I was so frustrated. I couldn’t see past the red that hazed over my eyes. I was angry with the kids and their behavior. I was tired of being referee, tired of trying to be the cheerleader, and definitely tired of wasting my breath pouring out nuggets of wisdom, affirmations and positive/motivational pep […]

Please, go to SLEEP!


Spike was talking to my mom at about 11pm. Asking innocent questions, while mom’s trying to sleep. “Mom who’s my grandparents?” “Bue and Poppop.” “Who’s MiMi’s grandparents? And Hara’s grandparents?” “Bue and Poppop?” “Then who’s-” Mom cuts him off. “Bue and Poppop are all my kids grandparents.” “Okay…Who’s your parents?” “Bue and Poppop.” “Oh.” There’s […]

Night terrors


So…My little brother is scared of clowns. Like REALLY scared of them… It was night time and everyone was asleep. The room was dark and Spike was laying in bed with mom. “Mommy…” He shakes her, waking her up. “What?” Mom asks, sounding half-asleep. “Something’s scaring me.” He whines. “What is?” She sounds concerned, until […]

Single Mother’s Rage: Fatherless Sons

FB chatbox

I’m a single mother and it has always been a challenge to balance things. ‘Single Black Females,’ with children, often have to struggle being both mom and dad. Some, however have father figures who step in, they remarry, get a significant other, or have a descent relationship with a guy who genuinely loves her child, […]