OZ Naturals: Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant Review

Hey there Virtual VisitorsThis is a special review post. I wanted to share this product with you, guys. Why? Well, because it’s new, 100% vegan, cruelty and paraben free Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Demafoliant by OZ Naturals. Yes! OZ Naturals, the top selling skincare line on Amazon.


I have been a long time fan of OZ Naturals products and must admit and disclaim here, I was psyched when they provided me with this product for an honest review. So, with that said,  I have to say, “It Works!” It was a great way to exfoliate without being a harsh and abrasive product. No smell, no grit and okay, yeah, it has a pleasant enough taste, as it is all natural.  It made my skin glow and remain oil free all day.

So , per the directions, I used the exfoliant after my regular cleanser. I don’t use make-up or toner, so I stopped there. Since you use such a miniscule amount of the product, the amount and size you receive will last you a while. OZ Naturals seemed to think this one through, the product comes in a mini powder or salt shaker container, probably for the convenience of measuring out the right usage amount, so you don’t waste your exfoliant by pouring out too much. The top of the shaker is a twist open, but being an aluminum top made it a little resistant to twist open, no biggie though.



The directions tell you to use a nickle sized amount of the powder and add water, I definitely added too much water the first time, and I didn’t see the paste it was suppose to make on my face as I let it sit the recommended time. So, I adjusted the way I mixed it and after I rinsed my face after my initial cleansing, I left it damp, and used a drop of water to dampen the powder, then I applied to my face. As I worked the product into my face, I could feel it working and getting into the pores of my skin. It was refreshingly gentle.


The unique, fine powder form of  this dermafoliant makes you doubt that it can do an adequate job exfoliating. I thought it wasn’t working, but then I could feel the fine grains as I massaged my face. When I rinsed and patted dry, I could see that I was shinning, not from oil or perspiration, but because it worked! I had a great experience with this product. Using my fingertips, it was so easy to apply and scrub the area. I used the product the maximum recommended 3 times a week, and came out with an even complexion. If you have sensitive skin, I would recommend reducing the days used. Unlike other exfoliating scrubs, this was a gentle application with a special Alpha Lipoic Acid that helped fight against that red, blotchy look you get after scrubbing.

hand powder

All this to say, I will continue to use OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant. If you are in the market for an effective exfolliant, or are looking to add a healthy part to your daily/ weekly, skincare routine, you can purchase it on Amazon by clicking the link below.

I hope I shined a bit of light on a fabulous product and that this was a helpful guide.

Oz Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant


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OZ Naturals is a leader in natural skincare. They promote natural, holistic products with the most effective anti aging products on the market. This product is cruelty-free, paraben free, sulfate free, mineral oil free, lanolin free and gluten free. I Really loved this amazing product and will continue using it for my skincare regiment.


OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review

Hi-Yo! Virtual Visitors! Well I am back at it, reviewing beauty products that I think you may benefit from. Today’s review is once again from one of my favorite skincare leaders, OZ Naturals, an Amazon top seller. I wanted to disclaim here, I have received a sample product for an honest review, and boy was I ready when it arrived.

The new product from OZ Naturals is the Hyaluronic Acid Serum. This product is, like all OZ Naturals products, cruelty free and packed full of essential vitamins for your skin, but that is not the question here. The question is does this Hyaluronic Acid Serum actually do what it claims? Can these natural ingredients plump and hydrate, assist in balance and moisture levels, and diminish surface lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen?

The good new, Yes it does do all it claims. I was pleasantly surprised that this unassuming little bottle of serum was able to make my face look refreshed. All with natural ingredients such as organic aloe, jojoba oil, wildcrafted green tea, along with vitamins c and e, and the special Botanical Hyaluronic Acid. This 72% organic product also is 100%vegan. So, if quality, natural ingredients were to be on the top of the list in a skin care routine, like it is in mine, then this is for you.

Using this product, I added it to my regular daily routine. I cleansed my face, and patted my skin dry after all my initial steps. I prepared myself for a sticky substance that would lay on my skin and make it feel tight and like a mask, but this product was nothing like that. I applied the serum to my dry skin and right away I noticed that this serum was lightweight, and left no residue. My skin wasn’t tight, it just seemed to lift. Looking in the mirror I saw a shine and a glow to my natural skin. The surface lines and my pronounced laugh lines were visibly less and boy oh boy did that make me happy. After a few days of continued use, I saw hydrated and plump skin, a more youthful look  and a good and healthy balance. The first time I used the serum I did not add my moisturizer, and even though I didn’t, my skin was smooth. When I did add the moisturizer in the routine after the serum, I found that my skin was smooth, had a natural shine and had no oily residue.


OZ Naturals is a leader in natural skincare. OZ Naturals formulates the most effective anti aging products on the market with products that are cruelty-free, paraben free, sulfate free, mineral oil free, lanolin free and gluten free. I have to say that this serum from OZ Naturals is one that I will definitely add to my routine. I have to say that this works, it has given me visible changes and I am happy with the results.

You can purchase this fabulous Hyaluronic Acid Serum from Amazon by clicking the link below.

OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum


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Rihanna’s #BBHMM Video, Independence Day and The Black Woman Worth in the U.S.

untitled-article-1435833296-1140x641.jpg BBHMM 1


Language, nudity, violence! RiRi has put her foot in it and the controversy over her new, seven minute, video featurette is fueling debates and water cooler talks all over. The “Bitch Better Have My Money” vidoe was relaeased earlier this week and hit the media red button, as feminists screamed and tweeted their outrage over the violence and misogynist acts portrayed therein.

“White Feminists™ are especially upset, many of them calling the video “misogynist”. It’s been called “torture porn” and “incredibly violent”. I watched the video and…well…I see why White Feminists™ are so upset.” Mia McKenzie  Rihanna-BBHMM-1435884353

Just days before Independence Day, RiRi dropped the stylishly chic and reckless video full of violence, drugs and revenge. Rihanna proves why she hold’s the title of  “Baddest Bad Gal,” with this gangsta fantasy.

Laurie Cooper http://www.blackartdepot.com/collections/artist-laurie-cooper-art-gallery?page=2

I found this fact so empowering because historically Blacks in America were not Independent; and moreso, Black Women in America have been exploited and oppressed. Rah Rah RiRi! But, not everyone has been a fan of her vision and direction. Unapologetic, RiRi, tackles issues of race and gender, and the worth of the Black Female. With a brilliant visually concept, she is able to illuminate a taboo topic while entertaining and answering to pop culture media monster.

I am a woman and I have to admit, some of the imagery made me squirm a little, it made me question if RiRi was setting us back in men’s eyes with her sexualization, but then I delved in and took a closer look at the issue. I have not always liked all of Rihanna’s music, or her videos (I mean I do have young daughter’s and some of her stuff is racy); however, I applaud her strength and her artistic vision. I also admire that she conceptually took on the fact that Black Women, like myself, don’t relate to the “Feminist Agenda.”


Why? Well, to say the least, what it represents is equality for a fractionated portion of women, that I am not a part of, so my rights, though sometimes encompassed in the argument (by default), are not priority. Black Woman have always been expected to prioritize others and put themselves, their careers, their wants, their relationships, their families, and their financial need on the back burner. This is exactly what Rihanna is depicting. The video immediately shows the class division, a rich, white blond readying for her day, no worries. This has been what Black Women have historically been through. Playing our part in a world where we struggle and our White counterparts live an easier existence. RiRi is angered, not by the woman, but  by the “Bitch”  (a male) Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen,  a thieving accountant, who stole her money , while his wife lives in luxury and spends her days carefree.


‘s article in the Washinghton Post said it best,  many Black Woman don’t call themselves feminists. (read the entire article here). We are so disassociated from those issues that the Feminist Agenda is not one in which we jump on board.


And though we may be divided because of the execution, Rihanna’s video, is a ride that we are all familiar with. Most of our action movies, or those revenge romps we all love have the same concepts and images, so what is the big deal? It’s because a woman did it. It’s because a Black Woman did it! How dare this  Black Woman exploit a White Woman, show her naked, bound body, the joy ride from hell, drugs and torture.


How dare this Black Woman take back what was done to her. Done to her mothers and her mother’s mothers repeatedly. How dare she bring light to it! Threatening the safety of White privileged and impenetrability. Would we be so shocked if RiRi had chosen to abduct the accountant’s male partner? No, of course not, then we’d all be on the Feminist train. Would it be such a stink if  Christopher Nolan, or Quentin Tarantino cast Denzel Washington, Jason Statham, or Liam Neeson as the vengeful lead, torturing and killing for their due rewards?  Why the double standards?


Truly, this video could be dissected into meaning so much more, and maybe we all are reading into it too deep. Maybe RiRi merely wants to be a female pimp and able to use the classic pimp line, “That Bitch Better Have My Money.” Or maybe, it takes a Ballsy Bitch like RiRi to shock media into exposing the Black Feminist agenda.



Here it is,  in case you missed its drop at 12 a.m. on Thursday morning #BBHMM #HappyIndepenceDay:

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