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So something just happened and I thought it was funny so I decided to share with you.
I went downstairs and I’m wearing these red pants with a red shirt to go with it.
I walk into the kitchen while the family is eating and everyone at the table turns and stares at me.
“Why are you all staring at me?” I ask. “Do I look appetizing or something?”
My grandfather laughs. “Yeah. You’re Little Red Riding Hood.”
“But she doesn’t have a cape.” Hara cuts in.
“Or a hood.” ZaiZai adds.
“She had a cape?” Pop pop asks.
“Yes. Where do you think the hood came from?” My grandmother, Bue asked.
“…I…I thought she came from the hood.”
Everyone laughs at that.
“So you thought Little Red Riding Hood was ghetto?” ZaiZai asks.

“Well that’s all he knows is the hood.” Bue tells ZaiZai.

So…I just wanted to share that with you. I hope you enjoyed it. I think a bad-ass Little Red Riding Hood would be pretty cool though.



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