Making Choices

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There are many colors in a rainbow. I think all of them are beautiful and I’m sure a lot of people can agree. Spike on the other hand, is the type of person that must choose his favorite…
“Red!…I mean blue!” Spike was trying to decide on which bowl to eat his breakfast out of. It had been at least ten minutes of this.
“Just pick one!” I exclaim.
“Okay. I am…ummm red…no, blue!…red…blue…uh…I don’t know.”

“Fine.” I groan, fed up with this. I hand him the red bowl and Hara the blue bowl.
“Hey!” Spike cries. “I wanted the blue bowl.
“Oh-kay…” I say. “Trade.”
They do.
“Okay…Now I want the red bowl.” Spike says.
“So what bowl does Hara get?”
“That’s not fair!” Hara crosses her arms. “You take everything.”
“Just trade with him.”
“Fine!” Hara shoves the bowl in his hands.
“Thanks!” Spike smiles.
“So give me the other one.”
“Spike…” I start.
“I said no.” Spike cuts me off.
“Give it to her now.”
“Fiiiine…” He hands her the blue bowl before he looks down at the red bowl in his hands.
“I want the-”
“Just keep the red bowl.”
“I want blue!”
“But look, the red is the same color as your shirt!” Hara says.
“Yeah.” I say, catching on to her plan. “And its the same color as my cup. Cool huh?”
“Yeah!” Spike says. “I like red.”
“I guess you guys should trade.” I begin. “Hara, let Spike have the blu-”
“No! I want the red!!”
“Okay.” I reply. Satisfied that our plan worked out.
Later that day, after his bath, Spike is trying to choose a shirt to wear.
“I want to wear the Mario shirt. No…I want to wear the Spiderman shirt.”

“Okay.” I hear ZaiZai’s voice.
“No I want the Mario shirt.”
“You got that one wet, remember?”
“I WANT IT!!!” Spike yells.
“You wet it, though.” I can tell ZaiZai is starting to get frustrated. “You’ll get sick if you wear wet clothes.” I say, trying to help the situation.
“But I want Mario.”
“Why don’t you use the Spiderman one tonight?” ZaiZai ask.
“You can’t wear both.” ZaiZai says.
“I want to.”
“You want me to dry your Mario shirt for you?” I ask.
Spike’s only reply is to throw himself to the ground.
“I guess that’s a yes…” ZaiZai says.
I toss it in the dryer. Then, I head to the closet to find Spike a new shirt that might be an option, seeing as though he keeps refusing the Spiderman one. When I return he’s putting on the Spiderman shirt. I quickly hide the shirt in my hand, behind my back so he doesn’t throw another fit.
Before bed, mom allows the kids to watch a tv show. Spike somehow becomes ruler of the tv. I want to see this or I want to see that!
‘Ugh…fall asleep quickly, kid’
Mom turns over a cartoon and Spike freaks out.
“MOM!! I told you, I want to see MICKEY MOUSE CLUB HOUSE!!!”

“But its not on.” Mom replies.
“Well turn it, on demand!” Spike orders….
‘These kids are way too grown’
Anyway, mom turns the tv on demand, but she makes the terrible mistake of asking him which episode he wants to see. After that we wait for about a half-an-hour for him to pick his episode. By time mom presses play, he’s asleep.
The next morning at breakfast Spike is trying to pick a bowl again. Blue or red…what’s it gonna be?

“I want blue! I mean red! No, blue! Ummm…red!”
“Just pick one! NOW!” Hara shouts. “I want to eat!”
“Okay. Okay.” Spike says. “Calm down, Hara.” I say, pouring her cereal. “Spike, pick already.”
“I want the…blue…no the red.”
“This is your last chance.” I say.
“Fine. I want green!”
“Green?” Hara ask, looking up from her food.
“Yes!” Spike replies.
“Where do you see green.” I ask. There is a moment of silence before Spike speaks.
“Storm, are you going to feed me already?” He laughs.
‘I’m done’ “Ask someone else to make your food.” I call over my shoulder as I walk away. I see ZaiZai in the next room and tell him to make Spike’s bowl.
When I return to the kitchen later that day I find a huge mess. Apparently Spike drove ZaiZai away as well and after that, he tried to make his cereal himself…That does it. No more choices for Spike…Someone needs to clean this mess…I never saw it!

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    Kids…can’t win with them….

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