I Challenge You to a DietBet: The most fun you’ll ever have losing weight!


is definitely not a game!eating-hobby

Lets face it, there’s nothing about dieting that is remotely fun…right?

Well, I beg to differ. I am so psyched right now that I gotta pee! Oh, wait, maybe that’s just cuz I’ve been holding it since I started editing this blog a half hour ago. Well, anyways…My lovely co-blogger, Stormie has been following a great Vlogging family for 5 years now, and through it all, the family has taught us how to love, laugh and live. The Shaytards are such a dynamic and funny family, and Shaycarl was once, a fatty like me, so I really related. But then, he took his health into his hands, and made a change. A life change. He’s motivated me to do the same, and so I am using this New Year to shed some pounds Shay’s way. Yes, I intend to gain while i lose! I have joined the game, and I am gonna have a ball! I have put up the stakes, and I do not intend to lose, cuz I’m no loser…wait, I will lose I hope so I can gain, I mean I gotta lose to gain, or…Oh man! Just know this, I am gonna get rid of these pounds in the next 4 weeks, so I can gets so bucks back.  My game starts in 4 days. So, come on join me and the rest of the DietBet crew.

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Written by Kia Drake

Kia Drake


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  2. I want to accept your challenge, but my healthy eating habits are exactly like your new years post….Lol.

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