The true batman story…

Hi! Stormie here. So yesterday I was sitting on the couch with Spike, the two us of were waiting for our food to be done. Bored Spike decided to tell me a story. It was…interesting to say the least. After he finished his story he asked me could he tell another one. I agreed. However, I asked him to “tell the camera” his story. Here’s how it turned out…

Hope you enjoyed his story. I’ll tell you the other one some time. Signing out ~Storm.

Check it out on Youtube:

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  1. I love SPIKE!!!! I’m his number 1 fan!!!

  2. Thanks! He’ll be happy to hear that.

  3. I loved his little story. He’s such a cutie!

  4. He is TOO CUTE!! Loved his story :)

  5. I love little Spikey! He’s the most adorable thing!
    Please put up a new post!!

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