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This is my personal blog  in which I share my life and  hope to give inspiration to others. I am a mom who has much experience. I have kids on the Autism Spectrum, and some on the brink of leaving the nest I have explored various religions, and still search for my spiritual home I'm single and looking for my forever companion, I want to express myself here and encourage people just like me, trying to make it in this world. 

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I am Not A Bottom


Jul 11, 2019

Alright this post may offend those sensitive souls; if so, sorry in advanced.

I’ve come to the realization that I am a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. My kids already say that I am their mom and dad. I have traits like a dude, and yet the emotions of a girl. I hate the duality of it all. This is especially suck-ish when I want to date and wind up friend-zoned. I mean, this is a huge blow to a woman’s ego. To know that once again, I ain’t the one and that the sexy man beast I am attracted to finds me more of a guy than a chick he’d like to have some romps in the bed with. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they all want a little bedroom action; but, truth be told, they all wanna hang out. WTF! I want romance and to be vulnerable and girly, and they want to tell me how much of a strong woman I am.

So the epiphany hit me this morning as I was driving and listening to the radio. They were talking about the new season of Snowfall, a show I have yet to watch, but the radio personality described it as a guy’s show. When his counterparts (females) spoke on shows like Pose and RHOA he dismissively stated, “…if you are the portion of the viewing audience without ovaries, then Snowfall, Power, and such are shows for you…”

I related to that statement, because, I’d be damned if I am watching any of the shows directed to the female viewers. I want grit, murder, intrigue and drug deals in my prime-time television experience. All that to say, I am a dude.

I am a gay man trapped in a woman’s body and I and am a top. I know that the guys in my past have been bottoms because they tend to be taken care of, exhibit feminine ways and like me to lead. But, men that are distinctly masculine want me as a friend. I am too masculine for their taste. It’s funny really, I would probably be a cross dressing gay male because I am so conceitedly pretty. Thus, my current, gaggle of guy friends would disown me because of their homophobia. I would be too gay. Ironically.

I am totally an emotional feminine woman with the sexual desires to boot. I prefer guys, have 8 kids, but I have a personality that has made me a bad-ass and men like that I don’t take shit.

I just want to be the freaking Bad-ass, Disney Princess that I am, and have a guy love the crap out of me; as I sing and dance, and do sword play, is that so Hard! I am NOT a Bottom. Sorry!

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Buckle Up and Take the Ride With Me.